Fair Trade Prevents Violence Against Women

Fair Trade Prevents Violence Against Women
Hannah Simpson, Fair Traders Project Digital Outreach Lead

During the summer of 2019, I spent a few months living and working with a mission organization that provided healthcare, education, childcare, economic support and the gospel to villages all over India.

Throughout my time there, I was able to travel the country and see some of the most impoverished places in the world.

I saw people who lived in the slums, children unable to go to school because they were begging for food.

While I was there, I heard countless testimonies of women who had been physically and sexually abused, and how the Lord was able to heal them and work in their lives.

One of my favorite experiences was being a part of a microloan ceremony. This basically means that women who were trained in a new skill were given a loan to start their own small company in their village.

These women had trained for months in a new skill.

They were women who had never worked before outside of the home. They were trained in everything from sewing to making jewelry to milking and storing cattle to farming.

They are also trained in banking and accounting skills for small businesses. At the ceremony, I got to hand out loans to women to start up their own businesses.

Women sew in India
An Indian woman sits in her home located in a slum. Microloans and fair trade opportunities empower many women in India out of poverty and improves the community.

That day was so sweet as tears streamed down all of our faces knowing that this moment would forever change their lives. This type of investment helps women find their self-worth, breaks them out of the chain of poverty, and prevents violence being perpetrated against them.

It was an honor to see first-hand the power that these loans had on the women and how they used their newfound business to help their communities.

This one small action stabilized local village economies, provided the community with a service, and gives other women the opportunity to learn the trade from this one new business owner.

In many ways, this is what fair trade is.

It gives people all over the world fair wages, healthy working conditions, and a number of other things to help people out of multigenerational poverty.

During my time here at NC Stop Human Trafficking, I have learned so much about human trafficking prevention and heard the stories of victims.

It saddens my heart to know that the same abuse that happens in the dirty slums of India where women get treated the same as cattle, happens in the rich neighborhoods of our cities.

Above all else, I have learned that evil does not have one face but many.

Above all else, I have learned that evil does not have one face but many.

hannah simpson

It manifests itself through assault on a child from the very person who is supposed to be protecting them, buying a child from a family who has nothing to eat, and manipulating workers into unfair wages and unsafe working conditions.

That is why I urge you to get informed and educate those around you.

Share with people that fair trade is a great action step we can take to help people all over the world step out of poverty and human trafficking.

Hannah Simpson is the summer intern for NC Stop Human Trafficking who managed the organization’s digital outreach of the Fair Traders Project

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