#GivingTuesdayNOW: Services in the Time of COVID-19

#GivingTuesdayNOW: Services in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched the fabric of our society, our mental wellbeing and, for many, our finances.

As an independent, small nonprofit, NC Stop Human Trafficking isn’t immune to that strain and uncertainty. That is why on May 5, we will be participating in #GivingTuesdayNOW. It is global movement to encourage support of causes.

While NC Stop Human Trafficking has suspended our in-person education and awareness initiatives and community meetings, we are still working. We discovered a way to creatively pivot to virtual platforms, and are still doing the work. Human trafficking doesn’t stop because of a pandemic, and that means we cannot.

Here is how we are working now:

Though we are unable to host in-person training and education sessions, we have gone virtual.

Awareness, Training & Education

NC Stop Human Trafficking has four actions item to facilitate our mission, which include awareness and education; development services for localized anti-human trafficking coalitions; legislative advocacy; and introducing fair trade principles and products into the local market.

Awareness, training and education around human trafficking improve victim identification and prevention locally.  Our education initiatives include valuable information about sex trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation of children, child sexual abuse images and labor trafficking; how to the red flags of a possible victim and how to safely report suspicions. Though we are in a pandemic, human trafficking doesn’t stop. With that in mind, NC Stop Human Trafficking shifted its education services to a virtual format. We are offering Human Trafficking 101 online now. We are also offering sessions about North Carolina’s progress in the anti-human trafficking movement. We are working on offering online safety classes for parents and children virtually, as well.

Our coalition meetings are shifting to a virtual format. Pictured is our most recent Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking meeting.


NC Stop Human Trafficking has also shifted to its development services for localized coalitions to a virtual format. We are hosting the Pitt County Coalition Against Human Trafficking’s coalition meeting online and gathering and sharing information about what area agencies are doing during the pandemic and assisting in getting local agencies needs met. We are also assisting in the development of coalitions in the northeast part of North Carolina virtually, as well.

NC Stop Human Trafficking is now taking the time to flesh out our legislative advocacy agenda. On the state level and local level, our elected officials are focused on the pandemic initiatives, and we are not going to interrupt that work. However, we are taking this time to cultivate a cogent strategy for when we are able to advocate for stronger anti-human trafficking legislation when the time is right.

For NC Stop Human Trafficking’s fair trade initiative, we switched it into high gear and developed an entire online store to sell our fair trade products. We also launched the Fair Traders Project social media initiative to focus messaging around fair trade principles and encouraging support of it in an effort to curb human trafficking globally.

How can people be involved?

SHARE OUR CONTENT: We understand that times are incredibly difficult for many people right now, and we ask that people show their support on social media by sharing our posts and virtual events and help us raise awareness in their own social circles. The more people who share our blogs, forward our newsletter or re-share our social media content, the more people we are able to reach with the anti-human trafficking message.

We encourage you to do an online Facebook fundraiser for NC Stop Human Trafficking, as well!

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REMOTE VOLUNTEER: Volunteer opportunities may be available remotely. We could always use administrative assistance as well as professionals or students who specialize in communication. For more information, interested people can email Melinda Sampson at melinda@ncstophumantrafficking.org.

BECOME A MEMBER: NC Stop Human Trafficking invites everyone to join the anti-human trafficking movement in North Carolina.

Individuals and agencies can become members of NC Stop Human Trafficking. With their membership enrollment, they are given an advocacy toolkit and resources to become advocates in their own sphere of influence.

DONATE: People can also provide a one-time donation or become a monthly donor. We are a nonprofit, and we cannot do what we do without the support of individual community members who feel passionately about the eradication of human trafficking.

SUPPORT OUR FALL FUNDRAISER: The pandemic has forced us to cancel our spring fundraiser, which we were so excited about. But we are planning our fall fundraiser, and we invite you to support the fall fundraiser by becoming a sponsor or buying a ticket to it.

SHOP OUR FAIR TRADERS PROJECT WEBSITE: We would also invite people to shop our Fair Traders Project website. All the money from Fair Traders Project goes right back to NC Stop Human Trafficking’s programming.

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Help Us Fill the Funding Gap

Our programming has been in full operation since the pandemic hit, however, we have reached a funding shortfall due to cancelled events and fundraisers. 

As this nonprofit, along with so many organizations and individuals, grapple with the ramifications of this pandemic, we humbly ask you for help.  

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