Human Trafficking Awareness Walk

Written by: Kelly Gettle

Hey guys! Long time no blog! Hope everyone is having a great first few months in 2018. We are already ⅓ of the way done with this year – how can this be possible? It’s definitely been a busy couple of months – at least for me. One project that has kept me pretty busy throughout the course of this semester is the Human Trafficking Awareness Walk that I have been co-planning. I have been co-planning this walk with a former intern of ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now, Kari Carr. Kari is a member of Elite Pirates, the group that co-hosted the event with us.

We called this walk “ECU Campus Walk to End Human Trafficking.” This event took place on April 9th, 2018 between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. However, the weather on this day was miserable! So we had to cancel the actual walk portion of our walk. But we still got to hear from our human trafficking survivor, Anna. Also our founder, Pam Strickland, talked a bit about current anti-human trafficking legislation.

We had roughly twenty-five individuals attend the event. I thought the event went really well despite our setbacks with the weather. We also did a giveaway for three lucky participants in the audience. The winners got to take home a ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now T-shirt and two fair trade items. Overall, I think the event itself was a big success and I have no doubt that the individuals who attended learned more about human trafficking and what they can do to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Some things that I learned about myself while co-planning this walk was that I enjoy event planning a lot more than I thought that I was going to. Some obstacles that we faced while planning this event were where and when it was going to take place, what exactly was going to happen at the event, would anyone be speaking or should we show a documentary? All of these questions and more were constantly running through my mind. I wanted this event to go over smoothy. I wanted the individuals who attended to leave with more knowledge about human trafficking. Another worry of mine, since I had never planned an event before, was what if we put all of this hard work into planning this event and no one shows up? I didn’t really have much confidence in myself during the beginning stages of planning this event. However, when Mrs. Strickland put me and Kari in contact with one another and we met to get some ideas flowing, I knew that we were going to be okay.

Like I stated above, there were roughly 25 individuals who attended this event. To my surprise, the group was predominantly male. I, as well as Anna and my supervisor, were very shocked but happy. Most of the time when it comes to sensitive topics such as human trafficking men don’t really want to have anything to with it. However, that wasn’t the case at this event. The guys paid attention and a couple of them asked some really good questions. It gave me hope in the future that more males will join the fight to end human trafficking.


Stick around – I’ll be back soon with another update on how I am managing this semester!


Kelly Gettle

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