Our Spring Interns

Angela Akou, East Carolina University, Public Health

Greetings to all, my name is Angela Akou. I am currently a senior at East Carolina University and also an intern at ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now. I love to help others, which is what attracted me to  ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now.I desire to help reduce and also educate the North Carolinian population about this growing issue. I am looking forward to the impact that will be making in my community.

Lauren Cohen, East Carolina University, Social Work

My name is Lauren Cohen and I am a Social Work Intern here at ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now. I am originally from Southwest Florida and have been in North Carolina for 4 years now.  I have a strong passion for social justice and human rights, and when I heard about this organization, I was excited to be a part of the fight against human trafficking! In our classes we discuss a wide range of social issues and I feel passionate about this topic. I have hopes of learning ways to advocate for those who have been through it, but also how to educate the community about the topic. When I’m not helping make a difference and learning, I enjoy going to the beach, dancing, playing with my fur baby, being active, and spending time with friends and family

Kellie Faison, East Carolina University, Public Health

Hello! My name is Kellie Faison and I am a senior with a major in Public Health Studies at East Carolina University. I couldn’t be more excited interning for ENC Stop Human Trafficking because of what they are fighting for. I’m happy to be part of an issue that is often overlooked that I can bring awareness to and have a big impact on people around the world. ENC Stop Human Trafficking is an organization taking a step to make a better life for people, which is exactly where I want to be as well. During my free time I enjoy exercising, dancing, singing, and spending time with my loved ones.

Shannon Jones, East Carolina University, Public Health

Hello, my name is Shannon Jones and I am a senior majoring in Public Health at East Carolina University!  This is my very first internship, and I am so glad to be interning at an organization fighting to make a change in the world.  ENC Stop Human Trafficking stood out to me because it was educating others on a topic that many people do not seem to know much about or they do not completely understand the meaning of the words “human trafficking.” I hope to use the mixture of skill and experience to educate those on the different forms of human trafficking and how this issue relates back to Public Health.  In my free time I like to cook, listen to music and enjoy spending time with friends and family

Raven Swan, East Carolina University, Public Health

My name is Raven Swan. I am currently a senior at East Carolina University majoring in Public Health concentrating in Community Health. As a Public Health major at East Carolina University, my main focus is to help individuals create an easier, yet better lifestyle. I do this by helping others to the best of my ability or connecting them to others that can assist them further.  The enthusiasm I feel when helping others has helped mold me into a wonderful person. Having understood the importance of communication, management, and teamwork, I was pleased to be allowed to work with ENC Stop Human Trafficking.