Our Summer Interns


Hannah Simpson

Hannah Simpson

My name is Hannah Simpson, and I am currently a senior studying Public Health at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  On campus, I am involved as a Community Group Leader and RA, as well as other ministries and clubs.

I have always had a passion to help those who are unable to stand up for themselves. In 2019, I travelled to and lived in India for a couple months to work and improve mental health education among children.

Again and again I saw hurting children who were being mistreated and taken advantage of, which led to suicides. Seeing this in another country was heartbreaking, but realizing that the same dehumanization and taking advantage of children in my own state was crushing.


This opportunity gave me the ability to better educate myself and be involved with stopping human trafficking in my backyard. 

As an intern, I have already learned how great a difference proper training can have on a community as well as what local resources are available for survivors. 

Hannah will be working with NC Stop Human Trafficking full time this semester, handling our Fair Traders Project outreach as well as prevention content.


Kameron McNeill

Kameron McNeill

I am a senior at East Carolina University, currently studying communication, with a double concentration in public relations and interpersonal/organizational communication. I also hold an Associate of Applied Science degree from Pitt Community College in advertising and graphic design.

I wanted to do an internship at NC Stop Human Trafficking, to explore the different aspects within the field, gaining further experience.

While also gaining additional knowledge about human trafficking and the different ways that I can help end it. NC Stop Human Trafficking, allows me to utilize both my background in graphic design and my knowledge of communication.

While also helping to bring public awareness to the threat of human trafficking, informing the public of what they can do to help put a stop to it.

Kameron will be working part-time with NC Stop Human Trafficking with with a focus on our digital outreach.

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