Our Summer Interns

Cara Cummings

My name is Cara Cummings and I am an American Indian from Robeson County.

I am a senior at East Carolina University, and my major is Family Community Services. I will be graduating in May.

I am extremely passionate about helping and serving others in a community, I started helping people in 2015, when I first became an EMT first responder.

I learned how to be an advocate for my clients when they felt like everyone was against them. I wanted to advance my skills as a first responder by becoming a paramedic and helping my community physically. After becoming a paramedic, I wanted to advance my career by going back to school and doing more for communities that need human service workers in rural areas such as Robeson County.

I love community outreach and prevention programs to benefit people in rural community area. I enjoy interning at NC Stop Human Trafficking, because it involves bringing awareness to the community by educating the public about the reality of human trafficking in North Carolina.

Natalie Brooks

Natalie Brooks is a junior studying political science and history with a pre-law concentration at Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina.

On campus, she is a part of the women’s lacrosse team and serves as the Student Government Association vice president. Natalie wanted to intern with NC Stop Human Trafficking because she hopes to pursue a career in human rights work and non-profits.

She saw this as an opportunity to become educated on a prevalent issue in our society and a chance to partner with the community in stopping human trafficking.

As an intern, Natalie has already learned how great a difference proper training can have on a community as well as what local resources are available for survivors.

She hopes to continue to learn how to be an advocate for survivors of human trafficking as well as how to educate the community around her on what human trafficking is. You can email Natalie at intern2@ncstophumantrafficking.org