Our Fall Interns

John Barra, East Carolina University, Public Health

My name is John Barra and I am the Public Health Intern at ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now. I have called North Carolina home since 2005 when I was stationed at Cherry Point for my first duty station in the USMC. I spent 10 years as an active duty Marine before pursuing my B.S. in Public Health. I discovered my passion for this cause while researching a project for ECU. I also noticed that the HT topic was not discussed as part of the PH curriculum despite a logical fit. I hope to use my unique combination of experiences and expertise to persuade more people to look at HT and the public health crisis that it is.  During my free time I enjoy spending time with my 7-year-old son, yoga, photography, and woodworking.

PUBLIC HEALH BLOG: Five reasons why human trafficking is a public health issue
By John Barra

Marielle Ondik, East Carolina University, Public Relations

Hi, my name is Marielle and I am a senior majoring in Public Relations at East Carolina University. This is my first internship and I couldn’t be happier that it is with an organization that is fighting to make a difference. When I was looking for an internship this Fall, I wanted something that not only would help prepare me for my future job, but something that I would enjoy. ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now is exactly what I was looking for and I am glad I can be part of the fight. In my free time I like to travel, play with my Corgi, hang out with friends and go on Target runs.