State of the Child Conference 2018

Written by: Kelly Gettle

Hi guys! Happy March and happy Spring – even though North Carolina can’t make up her mind whether she wants it to be Spring or Winter! Just the other day it was snowing. Yes! Snowing in the middle of March! On a side note, can you believe we are already three months in to 2018? I have less than a month left in my internship – I have no idea where time has gone. It seems like just yesterday I was shaking in my boots because I was so nervous to start my internship. Look at me now! I have learned and done so much and I still have weeks left!

Since my last blog I have been quite busy. I was interviewed for the PRC show (GPAT),  had my first speaking event in Robersonville, NC, conducted my very first hotel training, attended a NC Human Trafficking Commission Meeting in Raleigh, listened/watched multiple informative webinars, and conducted three training/informational sessions at this years State of the Child Conference.

The State of the Child Conference is an annual conference that brings together people from across North Carolina from different disciplines to discuss topics in workshop type settings. “Human trafficking updates” was one of the workshop topics and yours truly got to present this workshop three, yes really three, different times all by herself. To say that I was nervous would be an EXTREMELY BIG understatement. However, I mentally prepared myself, went over the presentation multiple times, I even presented it in front of my supervisor so she could make sure that I knew what I was doing and what I was talking about, and I also had my mom come out to the conference to for moral and table hosting support!

Overall, I am very proud of myself. I get to thinking about how much I have changed and grown since my freshman year of college. I am a whole new person with more confidence and faith in myself that I could ever imagine. I went from someone who couldn’t even talk to a new person in class to someone who is standing in front of 30+ people and giving them a workshop on a very sensitive topic – and doing it well.

While at this conference I got to meet a ton of people with different job titles. I like settings like this because it allows my horizons to be broadened as to what is out there. As you may know, social work is a very broad career. I love meeting and talking with new individuals about what they do to see if I may be interested in doing something similar. I think it important no matter what you do and no matter what age you are to keep your career options open. If you do, you might find a new passion for something you never thought you would be interested in. It’s important to remember to keep your mind and heart open at all times.


Stick around – I’ll be back soon with another update on how I am managing this semester!


Kelly Gettle

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