NC Stop Human Trafficking stands with protesters and activists

NC Stop Human Trafficking stands with protesters and activists

NC Stop Human Trafficking fully supports activists across the country and the world.

When black and brown people are oppressed, we all are. When communities of color are oppressed, exploitation flourishes.

Being an anti-human trafficking organization means we must also be advocates against racism, policies that perpetuate abuse against people of color and systems designed to oppress people of color.

Since the birth of our nation these systems of oppression have been crafted to maintain control over entire communities.

These systems have led to violence or death, incarceration and a thousand other injustices that make it so difficult for black and brown people to flourish. These rights granted to everyone under United States law should be unabashedly available to people of color, however, due to oppressive systems they are not.

We denounce these systems and call for change. Without eradicating racism and oppression, human trafficking will always grow.

We are committed to dismantling these systems that harm and choke freedom from people of color.

We are outraged by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and so we call for accountability.

The United States Constitution says we all have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Floyd, Taylor, Arbery and so many more black and brown people have been robbed of their basic right to life.

Millions more people of color have been robbed of liberty due to the very systems allegedly designed to protect all Americans.

When we are able to give honor to victims of crime and hold perpetrators accountable across the board, change can happen.

As activists cry for accountability and better policy and that black lives matter, so do we.

As activists in the anti-human trafficking movement, we stand in solidarity.

Melinda Sampson is the community outreach coordinator at NC Stop Human Trafficking. Email her at

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