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Our Carolina: Fighting Human Trafficking One Action at a Time

A documentary dedicated to those fighting human trafficking in North Carolina. Our Carolina is a documentary that displays the work that people are doing to end human trafficking in the state of North Carolina, and showcases ways that people can help their individual causes. The ultimate goal of the project is to drive organizations to strengthen their statewide networks, and work together towards ending the crime within the state, and within the region.


Frontline Sex Slaves

“Sex Slaves is a gripping documentary expose inside the global sex trade in women from the former Soviet Bloc. The film takes viewers into the shadowy, multi-billion dollar world of sex trafficking. Part cinema verité, part investigation, Sex Slaves puts a human face on this most inhuman of contemporary issues. From the villages of Moldova and Ukraine, to underground brothels and discotheques in Turkey where many women are trafficked and forced into prostitution, we witness first-hand the brutal world of white sex slavery.”

Not For Sale: The Documentary

Not For Sale is a documentary based on David Batstone’s book Not for Sale. The film tells the story of organizations working to combat human trafficking. The director uses personal interviews of people working in these organizations and footage of their work to show how these individuals first learned about slavery and moved to inspiring action to emancipate girls and boys as well as women and men held in bondage.Available at:


Call + Response

CALL+RESPONSE is a first of its kind feature documentary film that reveals the world’s 27 million dirtiest secrets: there are more slaves today than ever before in human history. CALL+RESPONSE goes deep undercover where slavery is thriving from the child brothels of Cambodia to the slave brick kilns of rural India.



The Selling of Innocents

“The Selling of Innocents” an Emmy award winning documentary film made by the founder Ms. Ruchira Gupta portrays the trafficking of women and children from Nepal to the brothels of Mumbai. The film is also dubbed into Nepali, Hindi and Bengali. It is available for NGOs, academics and academia to use for advocacy purposes.


A Halpern/Jacobovici Production, Malofilm Video, No. 96401. Distributed by Malofilm International,
2221 Young St. Suite 400,
Toronto, Ontario M4S 2B4, Canada.
Telephone: 416.480.0453.
Fax: 416.480.0501.
$35.99 US


I Just Keep Quiet: The Voices of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has surpassed drug and gun trafficking in profits. Three victims reveal the unknown truths about today’s largest illicit operation, and interviews with law enforcement and social service providers, as well as policy makers shed light on this horrific practice spreading in the US. DVD Available for $20 by calling Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA): (206) 721-8448


Making of a Girl

Making of a Girl was created by Girls Education Mentoring Service (GEMS), an organization serving sexually exploited youth in New York State. Through the voices of the youth speaking about their experiences, the video explores the predatory behaviors of pimps, the glorification of pimps in mainstream culture, and the ways that sexually-exploited youth are treated and stigmatized in society. Available at:


Bangkok Girl

Jordan Clark’s tragic documentary provides a glimpse into Thailand’s notorious and booming sex tourism industry through the experiences of a 19-year-old bar girl named Pla. Working in the bars from the age of thirteen, Pla has managed to avoid selling her body—a remarkable revelation given her surroundings—but her refusal to take part in this all-too-common profession for young Thai women cannot last. The introduction of falangs, or foreigners, to Thailand has forever changed the city, the economy, the Thai people’s lives and desires. A daring and unabashed look at a popular Western predilection through the eyes of one girl, this film challenges the accepted worldwide practice of sex tourism. This film is recommended for Asian Studies, Women’s Studies, and Human Rights accompaniment.

Contact Information:

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The Sold Project

Designed to speak to the hip and socially conscious 20 and 30-something generation, this film gains its strength by blending elements of art, culture, truth and hope. The SOLD Project believes in the power film has to deliver a message and trusts that the truth found in this film will resonate within people’s hearts and minds.



Born into Brothels

This documentary film traces the lives of several children in the Red Light district of India. The filmmaker, Zana Briski, is a New York based photographer who teaches a photography class to the children and attempts to enroll them in boarding schools in order to give them the opportunity for a better future. Winner of the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary Film, Born Into Brothels, was produced and directed by New York based filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski.



So Great A Violence: Prostitution, Trafficking and The Global Sex Industry

This film, produced by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, goes beyond the myths about prostitution as a glamorous job, a new form of work and a woman?s choice to demonstrate the harm of prostitution and sex trafficking. Website:

Contact: Coalition Against Trafficking in Women(CATW)
Address: CATW P.O. Box 9338 N. Amherst, MA 01059 USA
Fax: 413-367-9262


Dying to Leave

By listening to the voices of those who pulled up their roots and risked all, dying to Leave puts a human face to the stories of trafficking by following five individuals who journeys of trafficking traverse 16 countries from Colombia to China and Mexico to Moldova. This documentary examines the circumstances that drove these migrants from their homes, describes the difficulties involved in their epic journeys, and reveals what awaits them in their new world.

Year: 2004
Rating: PG
Runtime: 104 min
Produced in Australia & USA Directed By: Chris Hilton and Aaron Wolf


The Hidden World of Trafficking

FRONTLINE and the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley investigate a labor trafficking case in which Guatemalan teens were forced by a third-party contractor to work in virtual slavery at Trillium Farms in Ohio. Trillium has not been charged with any wrongdoing, and its vice president tells FRONTLINE Trillium had no knowledge of the trafficked teens working at their plants.

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