Learning Opportunities

Illicit Massage Businesses – How to Be a Community Activist

Wednesday, May 15, 2 p.m.

You’ve identified an unlicensed massage business in your community. What should you do? Or, you want to be proactive and ensure that such businesses aren’t allowed to open in your area. We can help! There are proven ordinances that give local code enforcement and law enforcement the tools they need to close illicit massage businesses and prevent them from opening. We’ll share these tools and strategies for engaging with local governmental bodies with you. Join us to learn how to protect your community from these types of businesses.


Ben Holder, Investigative Reporter

Ben Holder has worked to investigate and interrupt human trafficking rings in North Carolina since 2001. His work has resulted in the permanent closure of over a dozen suspected human trafficking operations, human trafficking charges, successful nuisance abatement prosecutions, ordinance changes, police directive changes, and the adaptation of strategies by law enforcement. As a reporter for the Carolina Peacemaker, he was a finalist for an investigative reporting award from the NC Press Association in 2001 about the industry.

Pam Strickland, founder, NC Stop Human Trafficking

Pam Strickland founded NC Stop Human Trafficking nearly 15 years ago. She is an expert in the anti-human trafficking field, having trained hundreds of law enforcement, school personnel, foster parents, and health care professionals.