Vision Statement

Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now desires to create a community that actively works towards abolishing Human Trafficking locally and globally.

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Eastern NC Stop Human Trafficking Now supports Fair Trade as a Human Trafficking prevention strategy.

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Our Carolina: Fighting Human Trafficking One Action at a Time

The Caseworker

Katrina Andberg is the Project WEST NC coordinator, working with the Our VOICE’s rapid response team to provide services to survivors of human trafficking. Prior to this role, they worked to provide services to at risk women and LGBT youth in the Asheville, North Carolina area. 

Watch the full project here.

Upcoming Events

January 16, 2019
  • National Center of School Engagement Professional Development Series

    January 14, 2019-January 18, 2019  

    This training will help educators and counselors understand the educational impacts of trauma. Schools can become safe, supportive environments where students make the positive connections with adults and peers they might otherwise push away, calm their emotions so they can focus and behave appropriately, and feel confident enough to advance their learning—in other words, schools can make trauma sensitivity a regular part of how the school is run. Students traumatized by exposure to violence have been shown to have lower grade point averages, more negative remarks in their cumulative records, and more reported absences from school than other students. Learn strategies for supporting students who have endured traumatic events and understanding how their brain reacts to learning after experiencing trauma. A prerequisite for achieving classroom competency is the ability to self-regulate attention, emotions, and behavior. Learn how to assist students in being successful in the classroom, school and community. Once we understand the effects of trauma, the better prepared we are to assist students in becoming confident and achieving students. To register, visit

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