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Educating citizens about the reality of sex trafficking and labor trafficking in North Carolina is imperative to creating communities actively working to abolish human trafficking. Without training in identifying a potential victim, people won’t be equipped to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-3737-888) with suspicions. We also train professionals working in the fields of law enforcement, health care, education, victim assistance services, counselors, child advocates and the judicial system.


Community members, agencies and organizations must come together to combat human trafficking locally. Human trafficking is a multi-faceted and complex issue that takes a network of service providers and advocates to come together to provide wraparound services to victims, improve community engagement and prevent human trafficking as a whole in neighborhoods. For this reason, we provide development assistance so communities can develop their own coalitions to combat human trafficking.


Our global effort to combat human trafficking is introducing fair trade into the local markets. We put our money wear our mouth is and sell fair trade certified products through our Fair Traders Project program. All the money we make from selling fair trade products go right back to our community programs. We also advocate for people to look for that fair trade certified label. When more people demand ethically made products, companies will follow suit and change their exploitative business practices.


Community outreach is  an integral part of achieving our vision to have a state free of human trafficking. We go out into communities in our state with information about human trafficking, the National Human Trafficking Hotline Number (1-888-3737-888) and ask businesses, agencies and other individuals to join the anti-human trafficking movement. Developing relationships in the communities in which we work is imperative in inspiring people to join us in the fight against human trafficking.


Change begins with sound policy decisions. That is why the staff of NC Stop Human Trafficking works closes with our state and federal elected officials to encourage strong anti-human trafficking policies. From expansions of expunctions for human trafficking survivors to improved funding for anti-human trafficking work to the Safe Harbor legislation that passed in 2013, we have advocated for a state and country that delivers compassionate services to human trafficking survivors and proactively work to prevent human trafficking.