COVID-19 Resources

Resources for Service Providers Across the State


The organization that runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline has compiled a list of federal resources that survivors of human trafficking may need during the pandemic and shutdown, from federal legislation providing relief to housing to unemployment assistance, this resource can be valuable to anti-human trafficking advocates in the state, survivors and service providers alike.

North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence

As more people are staying home, intimate partner violence is increasing. NCCADV has a comprehensive list of resources specific to domestic violence service providers available.

Legal Aid of NC

Legal Aid of North Carolina offers legal assistance to victims of human trafficking. The organization has a compiled resource page specific to the coronavirus pandemic.

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault

NCCASA is looking to assist agencies in anyway they can during COVID-19. In order for them to do that they want to hear directly from programs around what their needs may be right now and moving forward. View NCCASA’s resource page/take survey.

Access to food

Access to food