NC Stop Human Trafficking denounces the actions of Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida government in its scheme to relocate immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts, but it is not human trafficking.

It seems that this action was taken to make a political point, as the immigrants were not in the state of Florida. The Governor of Florida used Florida taxpayers’ money to transport immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts, an action that is hard to explain. (

The fraudulent relocation of immigrants perpetrated by the Florida government and the governor to Massachusetts appears to be a political scheme.

It appears that the governor and the Floridian government perpetrated fraud on vulnerable people and transported them to a different location, but this action lacks the purpose of forced labor and/or commercial sex that would qualify the scheme as human trafficking.

This political stunt does increase the vulnerability of the immigrants who were relocated, making them far more susceptible to the manipulation of traffickers as they were relocated without a place to live and gainful employment that was promised to them.

NC Stop Human Trafficking recognizes the actions of Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state’s government as a political stunt made on the backs of the most vulnerable among us.