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Fair Trade products are slave-free, child-labor-free, and exploitation-free. Adults are paid a living wage, so children don’t have to work to help support the family, and can instead attend schools supported by the Fair Trade wages.

The Fair Trade Certified™ Label guarantees consumers that strict economic, social and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of an agricultural product.

Fair Trade Certified products currently available in the U.S. include coffee, tea and herbs, cocoa and chocolate, fresh fruit, flowers, sugar, rice, vanilla, and even body care products. Fair Trade USA and Fair Trade America are two organizations that license companies to display their Fair Trade Certified label on products that meet strict international Fair Trade standards.

Another organization that supports Fair Trade and the businesses who sell Fair Trade products is the Fair Trade Federation.

Eastern NC Stop Human Trafficking Now supports the selling and purchasing of Fair Trade products as a Human Trafficking prevention strategy. Part of our mission is to “Expand local markets for Fairly Traded items produced without coerced or exploitative labor practices”. To that end, we educate people about Fair Trade Products and encourage them to ask for them in stores and restaurants. We also sell Fair Trade certified products at speaking engagements, community events, and on our web site.

Invite Fair Traders, our mobile Fair Trade market, to your church or business. Fair Traders is a project of ENC Stop Human Trafficking. Sales support human trafficking survivors, people vulnerable to being trafficked, and local Human Trafficking education efforts.






Is your chocolate tainted with exploitation? Learn more about Fair Trade chocolate and how to avoid chocolate made by exploited workers.





Many of us drink coffee every single day without giving a thought to how it gets in our coffee cup. Learn more about making the switch to exploitation-free mornings!





What’s in your wardrobe? Did you know that some clothing companies offer Fair Trade Certified clothing? Learn more here!

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