Community Outreach

We have tables at community events and conferences to educate people about human trafficking and Fair Trade. We have tables at events like National Night Out, PirateFest, community health fairs, local festivals, and more.

Community Education

We are invited to speak to churches, civic groups and other community groups to raise their awareness about Human Trafficking, and to teach them how to respond.


Weekly e-newsletters educate readers about Human Trafficking cases, legislation, and training events.

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Social media is a great tool we use to share information about missing children, Human Trafficking cases, legislation, and training events.

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We also have a weekly blog that allows us to delve more deeply into different aspects of Human Trafficking.

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Support Our Work

Our programming has been in full operation since the pandemic hit, however, we have reached a funding shortfall due to cancelled events and fundraisers. 

As this nonprofit, along with so many organizations and individuals, grapple with the ramifications of this pandemic, we humbly ask you for help.  

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